Patient Charity

Eynsham and Long Hanborough Medical Care Group registered charity 1054256

The charity was set up in 1996 to administer the gifts and bequests the Eynsham and Long Hanborough medical centres receive from grateful patients and their loved ones.

Thanks to their generosity and the fund-raising efforts of local institutions like Eynsham Roadrunners and philanthropic organisations like the Rotary Club and Freemasons, for more than a quarter of a century it has enabled the trustees, drawn from present and past doctors, staff and representatives of the communities it serves, to offer extras the National Health Service does not.

Its first purchases were a resuscitation training doll and a syringe driver so doctors and district nurses could provide more effective pain relief for terminally ill patients.

Among its more recent — during Covid — were clinicians’ half masks for doctors and staff, who found patients had difficulty hearing them wearing the standard issue full masks or caused problems for those who wear glasses.

To give you an idea of the range of its activities, it has been responsible for air conditioning the waiting rooms at the practice’s Eynsham and Long Hanborough surgeries, 24-hour blood pressure monitors, 24-hour electrocardiograms to monitor heart rhythms, defibrillators, hydraulic height adjustable couches, pulse oximeters to measure oxygen levels, a phlebotomy couch, an interactive website, and in 2019, thanks to the generosity of Eynsham Masonic Lodge, a vein viewer to help phlebotomists with patients who are difficult to draw blood from.

Advances in digital technology mean there is a constant demand for new aids to help with patient care. But since 2010 the major call on the charity’s resources has been a van and part-time driver to deliver prescriptions to the house-bound, a service made possible by a substantial bequest.

The cost of running it, much accentuated during Covid, means the trustees are in constant need of your support. 

The charity welcomes donations. These can be made by-

Donating through our donation page we have with The Stewardship, a not-for-profit Gift Aid donation website.

Cheques made payable to Eynsham and Long Hanborough Medical Care Group and sent to the treasurer Dr. Ian Binnian at Eynsham Medical Centre.

Bank transfer to Eynsham and Long Hanborough Medical Care Group 

Account no: 07039247

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